Comments from guests:

“This cottage and the surroundings it’s nestled in are dreamy. Beautifully perched overlooking a serene little lake, the cottage is warm and bright. Super cozy. It’s hard to believe that Port Townsend is 10 minutes away when you’re tucked in and enjoying the privacy, yet it is! Hands down my favorite thing about the cottage was the frog choir that lulled us to sleep. Definitely visit when the frogs are doing their thing!” AK, Washington
“As I write I’m sitting on the deck of your beautiful guest house – watching the hummers and butterflies ecstatically loving life. And I feel so blessed to be here …Thank you for the care you took in creating this space, thank you for your amazing attention to detail.”
CK, California
“We were sometimes torn between our desire just to stay here and enjoy the quiet, the beauty and surroundings or to go into town and see the films we came to see at the Film Festival!”
K & R, Oregon
“Thank you so much for the hospitality in this beautiful and sweet house. We loved this quiet place and the wonderful garden.
M & M, Brazil
We’ve decided your beautiful place is a piece of heaven on earth….We both so admire the care and talent that have gone into creating the gardens and paths. Perfection. …. In order to find our way back, we’ve programmed the cottage into our GPS, simply titled “heaven.”
M & K, Washington
“A rare spot of quiet and solitude. Thank you for the many beautiful and thoughtful touches”
C & R, Oregon
“We were so happy to have the wilderness surround us. All the sights and sounds…The way the light reflects off the lake onto your walls made it seem like a constantly moving glittering movie. The way the breezes blow through skillfully made windows is most enjoyable and the sounds of the lake as it comes alive at night are what we will remember from our time here.”
P & P, Vancouver, B.C.